Solar Mill

Solar Mill is a small-scale hybrid wind and solar energy device that may be deployed in a range of environments, including the urban marketplace. SolarMills are a new technology for harnessing wind and solar energy, which meets the needs of Telecommunication sites,Councils, small scale businesses and individual consumers, seeking to lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce dependence on fossil fuel.

While most wind turbine manufacturers are thinking bigger, we are thinking smaller. Arvensis Energy believes the secret to making renewable energy both affordable and accessible is in hybridization and scalability.

Arvensis Energy products are installed on rooftops, Guyed, Tubular and Angular telecommunication sites around the world. Pictured here is our installation made for a leading tower company in Myanmar, The prime agenda is to offer this products with a commitment no reducing the OPEX & CAPEX expenses of our customers.

Better for the environment, better for your business. Together we can change the way energy is made by using the money from your energy expenses to create new sources of green energy
  • 24 Hours power production capacity.
  • High power density per square foot.
  • Scalable power Generation.
  • Mechanical breaking at high speed wind beyond 18.5 m/s
  • Appropriate for on or off grid applications.
  • Minimizes backup battery storage requirements.
  • Online tool for power generation monitoring.
  • Power generation starting at 2m/s wind speed.
  • Can completely avoid DG sets, there by its O&M Cost.
  • For new sites ROI is 3 years. For two existing sites where DG set/ Power connection exists- ROI in 5 years.
  • No Additional space is required in Telecom Sites.